Lighting has an unexpected yet effective effect over the space of any room that is put under observation. It can improvise the decor and the beauty of the room through different parameters like temperature, motion sensors, colors and light sensors. It can also be utilized in such a way that it modifies the arrangement of the room by directing the focus of illumination on certain specific objects of desire. Furthermore, it can also be used to enhance the size of the room, providing an illusion of it appearing bigger than usual.

The right lampshades

Lampshades are a cool aesthetic that offers a form of great addition in the beauty of the room whilst offering the slight source of illumination that one desires. But any electrician western sydney and designer aids to the fact that the lighting of the lamps add a certain highlight that may not be offered by other sources of lighting. The lamps when dimmed make the room fixate towards a specific localization while lighter shades of the lamp permits the room to have greater access to light, indirectly allowing the room to seem spacious.

The right distance

What is important about lighting is acquiring the right distance of the source of illumination with respect to the room. The reason for such fragility comes when the light is directed towards one corner of the room while the other corner stays dim and darker than the rest of the room. This makes it seem like that the room is considerably smaller in size.

The right place

Just like distance makes a significant impact over the overall attire of the room in terms of lighting, the place creates an equally desired effect on the room space and size. Installation of lights carried out by electricians are handled such that the lights can be illuminated over the highlighted features which make the room seem bigger in comparison.

Installing mirrors

It is known that the mirrors can help increase the size of the room but what if the combination of lights and mirrors can be carried out to enhance not only the space of the room but also add to its beauty? Mirrors are advised to be installed across the windows such that light can be reflected across the whole room. This particular technique makes the room appear bigger.


The sconces are easy to install lights on the wall surfaces which mark the significance of illumination without taking up much space. They come in various shapes and sizes and add to the decor of the room. In this way, not only actual space is being saved by accommodating smaller space but it adds to the illusion provided by the lights in general.

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