In this Book of Ideas we will deal with some of the aspects concerning the greater or lesser convenience of buying or building a house. We will see what the timing of the purchase of a house is, focusing on the time to devote to research and on the preliminary bureaucratic ones.

We will then see some of the advantages and disadvantages that building a house entails, focusing particularly on the issue of mortgages. In fact, for individuals to have access to so-called construction mortgages can be complicated.

Another issue we will focus on is that of prefabricated houses, seeing what are the main advantages and risks that this solution entails.

We will therefore try to propose a small guide on aspects that it is important to consider in advance when it is necessary to decide whether to undertake the path that will lead to the purchase of a house or whether to undertake the path of construction, considering the alternative represented by the prefabricated houses.

That of the house is certainly the most important choices in everyone’s life, which involves a wide range of aspects, from personal to economic ones. And that therefore requires a collection of in-depth information, which makes it possible to decide with due knowledge of the cause and serenity.

So let’s tackle this little journey together with the advantages and pitfalls of choosing between buying and building a house .

The difficulties in accessing credit due to the economic crisis have in fact made it more difficult to buy a house. These difficulties are added to the time to devote to research, which naturally involves long timelines, appropriate to the delicacy of the choice.

First of all, you will have to decide whether to go to the market of the already built houses or to the one of those under construction, and whether or not to rely on a specialized agency. Choices that involve different costs and times.

In any case it may be important to know that, according to a recent research by Nomisma, the average time to reach the closure of a sale negotiation concerning residential properties has reached 9.5 months for new homes and 8 months for used ones . Reasonable time given the importance of the transaction, but not immediate and to be taken into due consideration.

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